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Supplier Homepage Product Anti Estrogen Steroids Anti Estrogen Steroid Tamoxifen Citrate 54965-24-1 for Breast Cancer Treatment

Anti Estrogen Steroid Tamoxifen Citrate 54965-24-1 for Breast Cancer Treatment

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Basic Info
  • Model NO.: CAS 54965-24-1
  • Customized: Non-Customized
  • Suitable for: Adult
  • Purity: >99%
  • CAS: 54965-24-1
  • MW: 563.64
  • Assay: 99%
  • Packaging Details: Discreet Ways of Packing for Customs Pass Guarante
  • Shipment Method: UPS DHL FedEx TNT EMS Hkems Hongkong Post Eub Etk
  • Transport Package: Discreet Ways of Packing for Customs Pass Guarante
  • Origin: Guangzhou, China
  • Powder: Yes
  • Certification: GMP, ISO 9001, USP, SGS Ukas
  • State: Solid
  • Product Name: Tamoxifen Citrate / Nolvadex
  • Mf: C26h29no.C6h8o7
  • Einecs: 259-415-2
  • Appearance: White Crystalline Powder
  • Delivery Time: Within 8 Hous After Receiving Your Payment
  • Trademark: Quanao
  • Specification: Medical Grade
  • HS Code: 3001200090
Product Description
Anti Estrogen Steroid Nolvadex / Tamoxifen Citrate 54965-24-1 For Breast Cancer Treatment

Quick Detail
Product nameTamoxifen citrate Factory Supplying
Other nameNolvadex
CAS register number54965-24-1
Molecular formulaC32H37NO8
Molecular weight563.64
Melting point140-144 °C
Product featuresAntitumor drugs raw material, suitable for breast cancer.It is not correct that Nolvadex reduces levels of estrogen: rather, it blocks estrogen from estrogen receptors and, in those tissuses .where it is an antagonist, causes the receptor to do nothing. Nolvadex is not an anabolic steroidbut is used to manage side effects from steroids.
Customs clearanleDon't have to worry about customs pass rate,our customs clearance is 100%
Product packingThe packing suits you best would be choosen to cross customs safely. Or if you have your own ideal way, it could be also take into consideration
After-sales serviceWarm after-sale service for you 24/7. Any of your question would be solved for the first as soon as possible
Security shippingShipping by express (FedEx,UPS,DHL,EMS), by air.The most professional forwarder would be recommanded for you.
Delivery timeWe have stock, so we can delivery quickly at the very day when receive the payment.
Condition paymentWestern union, money gram, T/T

Nolvadex is a popular and powerful and effective selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM) is often called a anti-estrogen.Although as a rival, however, is actually a agonists, because it will serve as estrogen in some parts of the body as a anti-estrogen in other areas.As one of the oldest SERM market is still often used in medicine, although Nolvadex also use anabolic steroid users is not an anabolic steroid.This is an important note some frequently used in steroid cycle. Nolvadex just a SERM.
What is Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) ?
Tamoxifen citrate is SERM with estrogen agonists and antagonist properties. As an anti-estrogen, Nolvadex works by binding to estrogen receptors. This combination prevents estrogen from acting in certain parts of the body, which is why it is beneficial for breast cancer patients. When breast cancer is attached to the receptors of the chest, many forms of breast cancer actually exclude estrogen. By preventing attachment in this receptor, it also protects the anabolic steroid from men's breast development, which may be caused by a certain degree of aromatized anabolic steroids such as testosterone, Dianabol and Nandrolone and Boldenone.
Although predominantly considered an antiestrogen, Nolvadex is also capable of acting as an estrogen, especially in the liver. This provides a benefit because estrogen activity in the liver is associated with healthy cholesterol levels. For steroid users, this is very useful because many synthetic metabolites tend to have an adverse effect on cholesterol. More about this when we look at the direct impact of Nolvadex.
Although mainly anti-estrogen, Nolvadex also has a strong testosterone characteristics. Nolvadex has the ability to prevent estrogen from negative feedback in the hypothalamus and pituitary. Thus, this stimulates the enhanced release of pituitary luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Both LH and FSH are required for natural testosterone production. No LH and FSH, more emphasis on LH, no natural testosterone production.
Product Description:
Nolvadex is an estrogen agonist in the liver, capable of activating the estrogen receptor and mimicking the actions of this sex hormone in this region of the body. As such it can have a markedly positive impact on HDL (good) cholesterol values, as does estrogen. Many similarly use this drug to counter some of the negative consequences of steroid use in regards to cholesterol values and cardiac risk, as steroids often suppress HDL and raise LDL levels considerably. in some instances an athlete is able to maintain a very favorable HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio, to spite the use of a mode rate dosage (400mg weekly) of an injectable like testosterone or nandrolone. It would be foolish to think however that Nolvadex would be a sufficient remedy with the heavy use of c-l7alpha alkylated orals or extremely high dosed cycles in general
The drug is technically an estrogen agonist/antagonist, which competitively binds to estrogen receptors in various target tissues. With the tamoxifen molecule bound to this receptor, estrogen is blocked from exerting any action, and an anti-estrogenic effect is achieved. Since many forms of breast cancer are responsive to estrogen, the ability of tamoxifen citrate to block its action in such cells has proven to be a very effective treatment.
It is also utilized successfully as a preventative measure, taken by people with an extremely high familial tendency for breast cancer. While Nolvadex is effective against estrogen, it is not our strongest available remedy. We now have the drugs Arimidex, Femara, and Aromasin available to us, which notably prevents estrogen from being manufactured in the first place. Altering the effect of estrogen in the female body can cause a level of discomfort, so anti-estrogens are most bearable when used after the point of menopause. Since Nolvadex is milder in comparison, it is more widely applicable and usually the first treatment option.
Tamoxifen citrate is a SERM that acts as an antagonist and agonist for estrogen hormones. It is an antiestrogen because it binds to estrogen receptors in certain parts of the body, especially in breast tissue. This effect prevents estrogen from acting on its intended combination of points. This makes tamoxifen citrate valuable for breast cancer patients because breast cancer is discharged from estrogen. And is valuable for steroid users because increased estrogen levels can bind to breast tissue and lead to men's breast development.
The relationship of tamoxifen citrate as an antiestrogen is very simple, and many people are well aware, but its relationship with other areas of estrogen is surprising. Tamoxifen citrate is as an estrogen on the liver. Liver-related estrogenic activity has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, particularly with cholesterol. This is very beneficial for bodybuilders because most steroids have a negative impact on cholesterol levels.
Beyond its estrogen-related activity tamoxifen citrate has strong testosterone properties. The use of tamoxifen citrate will stimulate the pituitary to increase its production of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), emphasizing LH. LH and FSH are gonadotropins that induce testes to produce testosterone. No LH and FSH, no testosterone production.
For the use of synthetic metabolic steroids, the positive effects of tamoxifen citrate can be seen after the use of synthetic metabolic steroids and later use is the main period. Synthetic steroids such as testosterone and Nandrolone will increase the body's serum estrogen levels. This is the result of the conversion of testosterone to testosterone, which is due to metabolism of aromatase. Once fragrant, you have more estrogen, which may lead to men's breast development and water retention. If the retention becomes severe, it may also lead to high blood pressure. Tamoxifen citrate does not lower serum estrogen levels but binds to the chest receptor to prevent estrogen binding. If this is a problem, it will not do a lot of water. All men's men's breast development protection is not enough, but it depends on how high estrogen levels and genetics are high. If more or more protection is required, it is recommended to use aromatase inhibitors (AI). AI is an anti-estrogen that inhibits aromatase activity and reduces serum estrogen levels.
Then we can use testosterone stimulation of tamoxifen citrate. This is by far the most important role of synthetic metabolic steroids users. When we use synthetic metabolic steroids, we inhibit our natural testosterone production, which will occur regardless of the use of steroids. Steroids use negative feedback and tell your pituitary to stop making LH and FSH. That is why almost all steroid cycles include exogenous testosterone, so negative feedback does not result in low testosterone levels. Once steroid use is complete, testosterone production is required. It will happen on its own, but will slow, tamoxifen can speed up and make it more efficient. The introduction of tamoxifen citrate, LH and FSH levels increased, resulting in testosterone.
IMPORTANT NOTES: PCT use includes tamoxifen citrate or any SERM, as it is successful, assuming no previous low testosterone disorder. Nor will it cause any damage to the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA) during use. If the previous low level exists, tamoxifen citrate will not magically solve this problem. If you cause serious injury to HPTA, you will not be able to recover and may require low testosterone treatment.
Important Tip: Many steroid users believe that a good PCT has brought a full recovery, but this is a false belief. The PCT containing tamoxifen citrate will stimulate recovery but will not terminate. Still need a few months to fully recover, but the PCT has no better chance than it is.
For patients with breast cancer, tamoxifen citrate may have a more direct effect than synthetic metabolic steroid users. Estrogen adheres and feeds cancer, but tamoxifen citrate prevents it from attaching and starving the cancer. This is a simple and effective treatment. This is not the only drug used for treatment. Usually the treatment will start from the AI and then turn to SERM, such as tamoxifen citrate. Sometimes used as a precautionary measure with a strong family history of breast cancer.

The dosage of Nolvadex 
For the purpose of PCT, standard Nolvadex doses will normally begin at 40mg per day. The dose will normally hold at 40mg per day for a couple weeks, reduce to 20mg per day for a couple weeks and then finish with an optional week or two at 10mg per day. How your cycle ends will determine when you begin your Nolvadex therapy. If HCG is included, this will also affect the timing.
If your cycle ends with any large ester base anabolic steroids, you will begin Nolvadex 2 weeks after your last injection.
If your cycle ends with all small ester base anabolic steroids, you will begin your Nolvadex 3 days after your last injection.
If your cycle ends with any large ester base anabolic steroids, you will begin HCG ten days after your last injection and begin Nolvadex after HCG therapy is complete.
If your cycle ends with all small ester base anabolic steroids, you will begin HCG 3 days after your last injection and begin Nolvadex after HCG therapy is complete.
If libido is reduced, the problem is only temporary. On future occasions, Clomid might be tried as an alternate SERM, because it can be more favorable in this regard.
There is generally no reason to combine SERMs: for example, generally Clomid or Nolvadex should be used as the sole SERM, rather than in combination with each other. However, in some difficult cases it can be beneficial to use both Clomid and Nolvadex simultaneously, but at half-doses of each. While at the hypothalamus there is likely no difference between Clomid alone, Nolvadex alone, or both together at half dose, at the pituitary Clomid and Nolvadex work oppositely, so the combination differs from either alone. (It is from Dr. Scally that I learned the benefit of combining in some instances.)
Prior to the advent of affordable anti-aromatases, Nolvadex was also popular as an anti-gynecomastia agent. Today, it's best to use an anti-aromatase as a preventative, but if gyno symptoms flare up during a cycle, immediate treatment with Nolvadex can be helpful. Dosing for this use is as with PCT.
 The average results our Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex)
DescriptionWhite Powder.
TestsAnalysis StandardResults
Heavy metals0.001%Conform
Specific Rotation+34°~+40°+36.3°
Chromatography PurityConformConform
Melting point142~ 148ºC144~148ºC
Organic Volatile ImpuritiesConformConform
Loss On Drying≤0.5%0.15%
Residue On Ignition0.2%max0.08%

Adverse Effects
The possible side effects of tamoxifen do exist, but it is one of the better tolerant SERMs on the market. Most people will not have this drug problem, though possible. The side effects of tamoxifen citrate appear to be more common in women, but they are still not what we call "common". 

The most common side effects of tamoxifen citrate include: 
Vaginal itching, bleeding, bleeding or discomfort

Hot flash
Uncomfortable stomach
The above side effects of tamoxifen citrate are not common, but may be. SERM use other possible side effects, but not common in the above include:
White blood cell count decreased
Changes in endometrium
Increase triglyceride levels
Pulmonary embolism
IMPORTANT: Pregnant or pregnant women may not use tamoxifen citrate or any SERM because the use may potentially damage developing children and is likely to be.
For quality1.Our company is a professional raw powder factory in China
for over 10 years, all powders are factory directly supplying.
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The most favorable factory price will be provided, so please rest assured to order from us.

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step1Pre-sale service1.As for your every inquiries, we always reply timely and patiently.
All of the relevant information will be provided to
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4.For important parcel information, such as:
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service could consult us for any questions,
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For bulk goods,usually you will receive the product within 15 working days.
The rate of passing customs is more than 90%.
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Even for the worst situation when the product is blocked by the customs,we can reship the product without any extra payment for the product.
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Our lab can customize the right product and support u with our top specialists.So if u have a recipe and need help just inform us.We can make experiments and get a good result.
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After Sale Service
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5. Customs pass rate ≥99%
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Payment Way: T/T,Western Union, Money Gram
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Shipping Way: By Sea or By Air
After Service: When you receive the goods, please check the product and its quantity in time,Once Problems arised pls contact us and we will help you solve the problem.

Our Advantage
Our company is a professional production of hormone Steroids and peptides  for 12 years, and we have got very good feedback from our customers, you can trust us.Apart from providing a powder,we also supply liquid,, if you want  to  make powder into liquild by  yourself, we can provide recipes for  you, if you want to use directly, we can also provide a direct injection of liquid for  you.
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Package will be shipped with 3 days after payment. We can send it via HKEMS, EUB, DHL .UPS, TNT.FedEx or other method. We have a professional and stable logistics, We will decided to choose which courier depend on Different countries.To find the best way to delivery the goods for you..If the goods were lost or not received for other reasons, please contact me Immediately.We will give you arrange resend

Our clearance rate is very high, especially for Brazil, Australia, Canada .Mexico, Chile,and other countries, we have special packaging for  better Clearance. In case it is detained by custom, we will send the same to you until you get your parcel.
1 What about the payment?Is it secure?
Payment can be TT, West Union, Money Gram and Bitcoin.  As a well-known supplier, thousands of buyers pay as mentioned. It is warmly welcome to visit our company, discuss and deal face to face.
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Before placing an order, you first call us getting specific information like purity, quantity, usages, packing terms, stocking conditions etc. The more details you offer the better result you can have.  When shipping, our service center will inform you with the tracking number, packing terms and quantity.

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